The NPP’s 2016 success story and their problem

The NPP’s 2016 election success story and the problem they are saddled with can be compared to the analogy about to be told.

There is a saying, “it takes two to tango”, thus, “both people involved in a difficult situation must accept the blame, or that an activity needs two people who are willing to take part for it to happen”. Another Akan proverb goes, “If two people go into the bush to lay a trap, it takes same two people to go and inspect it”.

The following analogy relates to the construction of a house in Ghana. A person in America has the resource (money) for the house to be built. The house is not his but just lending money to the person intending to build the house who is actually the owner. He transfers the money to his trusted friend in Manchester in the United Kingdom on say, Monday at 17:00 (5pm).

It has to take another man from London to hire a taxi at 03:00 (3am) on Tuesday to travel in and out to Manchester to collect the money. The money must reach Ghana in cash without fail by 22:00 (10pm) on same Tuesday. There is another friend travelling to Ghana on British Airways from the Heathrow Airport at 14:30 (2:30pm) on same Tuesday. He is the only one capable and able to take the money to Ghana. There is a fourth person in Ghana who successfully receives the money to carry out the building project to the satisfaction of everybody in Ghana. If the money had not reached Ghana on the appointed day and date, the building could in no way have been constructed. That was certainly the deal according to the irreversible terms of agreement.

Which of the roles played by the four individuals is not significant to the successful erection of the building? The first person provides the money. The second person travels a long distance with his own money to collect the huge money to take to someone at the airport. The third person at the airport takes the money to Ghana aboard an airliner. The fourth person in Ghana receives the money to use for building the house to the admiration of all Ghanaians.

Do all the four persons merit an applause for a good collective job done, or some among them should be ignored because their role played is not significant enough? Are the roles they played not similitude of a necklace or chain where any link broken would render the whole process futile, therefore making each role played as important as the other?

In this analogy, the NPP as a party fails to recognise the role played by the second person but without which they could not have received the money to carry out the last minute 2016 campaign that won them the election.

The third person in the analogy claims not to know the second person. As he is offered a lucrative appointment and he is enjoying, he has turned his back to the second person claiming to have never met him. He claims he does not know him.

The fourth person is taking all the credit and he is also enjoying, having been offered a big position. I don’t know about the first person who lent them the money as in the analogy.

Should the NPP continue in this trend, lacking strategic political and election-winning prowess but causing huge faux pas where they will turn their back to the very people who go extra mile to facilitate their chances of winning political power, then I am afraid, their chances of being in power will be curtailed only to rotate around the NDC on the alternating eight-year cycle, if they are fortunate.

Do not bite the hand that feeds you. Recognition is a vital factor in the success of every business.

Almost every Ghanaian abroad, especially the members, supporters and sympathisers of the NPP knows the role one Mr Sakordie aka DJ Sources of Sources FM online radio station, had played towards NPP winning election 2016. He used his radio to rally support for then presidential-candidate Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP, both abroad and in Ghana. He sensitized many Ghanaians to the need for voting Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP.

He mobilised Ghanaians abroad to contribute money and other materials to help NPP reach out to many people during the campaign. I remember visiting his studio at Angel in Edmonton, London. He told me about the money he was raising for NPP where willing contributors are invited to pay £200.00. When leaving the studio, I asked him to accompany me to the Angel main street where there are cash machines to withdraw £200.00 for my contribution since I did not have any cash on me. He did, and I gave him the money.

Ghanaians both home and abroad know the fantastic job he did. However, he has been side-lined. He is being treated as though, he had never done anything valuable for the NPP. He was the mouthpiece for NPP abroad, using his radio to reach out to every nook and cranny preaching the good tidings of the NPP and mobilising support for the party.

DJ Sources offered his station free of charge for the dissemination of information about NPP. I had met Ms. Ursula Owusu and Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover in the studio of Sources radio when it was in the Tottenham High Street before it moved to Angel Edmonton by the Middlesex Hospital.

DJ Sources needs a licence to operate a radio station in Tema but he has been denied the request. If he had been granted the licence by the National Communications Authority (NCA) headed by Joseph Anokye, on merit of course, his services as we know of him, could continue to help not only NPP but Ghana.

There is also another person from Wenchi who in London did a lot to advance the cause of the NPP. He is a lawyer by profession. When the president saw him at a funeral in Wenchi, he was very happy. From my information, the president directed him to contact a certain lady but that lady learning that the man is past the retirement age of sixty years, never bothered to get back to him when he submitted his application. The rest is history, I will say.

Should the NPP fail to recognise the vital role played by certain individuals at crucial times, they risk suffering relegation to opposition and they will linger there for a long time.

Every role played by any Ghanaian is important for NPP’s success at elections but some roles are crucial as were in the analogy and that of DJ Sources.

When NPP won election 2016, undue credit was given to Joseph Anokye. Many a Ghanaian was joyfully claiming that he had hacked the Electoral Commission’s computers to rig the election for NPP. I published an article rubbishing that childish claim since it is an offence to hack an organisation’s computer in the first place.

The fact that he was a computer analyst at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in America was not a convincing story to me for his alleged hacking of the EC’s computers. I have come into contact with many IT Analysts. They are specialised in various areas of IT. Therefore, the fact that one is an IT Analyst does not mean that he knows all aspects of IT (Information Technology).

To conclude, had it not been the role played by certain people as is in my analogy, the NDC would have rigged election 2016. John Mahama knew he was going to win the election hands down, surely through rigging hence doing Usain Bolt when he mounted campaign platforms. However, man proposes and God disposes. God had anointed Nana Akufo-Addo for the position hence all the roles played by Ghanaians to let God’s purpose for Nana Addo come to pass.

NPP, don’t be ungrateful. NPP don’t be corrupt. NPP don’t continue to lack political strategy. Be appreciative and farsighted to help the whole nation without overlooking those who play vital roles to bring you to power.

If you listen to Kennedy Agyapong (Hon), all shall be well with you. He is one of the men with the strategies needed to help you win elections, stay in power longer to develop the nation. If you heed the advice and suggestions by the selfless persons like Rockson Adofo, all shall be well with the party and the country.

 Alex Daddy should remember yesterday and note that time changes. It is never too late for NPP to correct their obvious mistakes.

A word to the wise is enough but obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill.

Rockson Adofo