The worth of the great Iroko Tree

In the absence of any proof, her love convinces you to give significance to life.


Never will she for once give you a reason to admit that, you have been deprived of the sane and satisfactory answers to the problems entangling your existence .

She rekindles the light of optimism when the world casts the air of deep pessimism over your dreams.

A registration of  smiles on her face saps the sorrows in your heart.

She stands to be the sole soul to acquit in the realm of your condemnation .

She wears the crown of compassion even in the pool of irritants.

A slight feel of her soft fingers in your hair dispels the doubts of possibilities.

Her gentle caress on your  forehead defeats any harboured dejections in the heart.

Hence, waking up today to see this blissful day full of grace and might,

and the beautiful white birds flocking in a lovely array,

Joy filled in me for having lived to see this day

The day the mighty Iroko tree germinated.

Mothers worth celebration and hypes because, they are wonderful in everything they encounter.

May God bless and protect all mothers.

Join me to say a


Thank you.