Until my dying day, I shall fight for justice for Kumawuman

Why should I turn my back on Kumawuman half-way through her now stalled liberation fight for justice in her chieftaincy saga? Does an Akan proverb not have it thus, “there is no reward for a job half done”? Why should I after all these tormenting years in uncertain times, labouring hard not only as a vessel of God but also, a determined lover of my place of birth, abandon the chartered course of justice for her?

Will I not be counted a damn failure should I jump boat whilst in the middle of Kumawuman’s oceanic headaches of traditional injustices brought about by colluding leaders on intent to rob and subjugate her in a broad daylight? It will only take me to be in a straitjacket to not fight for justice for Kumawuman regardless of the magnitude of risk to myself hence my adopted philosophy of “until my dying day, I shall not abandon Kumawuman”.

Do I care about the powerful politicians, traditional overlords and greedy unprofessional and dishonest judges involved who may be resolutely determined in their collusion to twist justice to deprive Kumawuman and her subjects of their due rights and inheritance? No, I don’t. The truth must prevail no matter the militating forces seeking to scupper it.

Believing in God and my convictions, I should not be a coward when telling, or fighting, for the truth, regardless of the many herculean hurdles to cross as may be littered in the way.

My forefathers sacrificed, or spilled, their blood waging wars to acquire Kumawuman their stool lands. Why should I be afraid or scared shitless simply by exercising a bit of audacity to tell the truth to the face of bullies and criminals who have vowed to usurp the powers, wealth and rights of Kumawuman? No, I shall not be a coward but a bold man to face those avaricious few who are bent on robbing Kumawuman of her wealth; strip her naked in public for all eyes to see and to mock her.

Why have many Ghanaians sacrificed the truth at the altar of lies? Why can’t our political leaders, traditional chiefs, judges, men of God and discerning Ghanaians tell the truth and rally behind the genuine party and course in the Kumawu chieftaincy issue? They have all rather chosen to remain silent, thereby empowering and strengthening the hand of the supposedly most powerful, but indeed, criminal traditional overlord to have his way contrary to Kumawu and Asante conventions.

I, Rockson Adofo, the fearless son of Kumawu/Asiampa, the chosen vessel of God to blow the cover off the bullies, will have none of those but to ensure that the truth and justice prevail.

Painfully, some very Kumawuman subjects and family members have become enemies of themselves, aligning with those criminals to facilitate their plot to rob Kumawuman. They have forgotten that they are simply like the morning dew that dissipates with the rising Sun. Like a beautiful flower in the morning that by the evening has been scorched by the Sun and fallen off its branch, so have some of these enemies within have become.

One Madam Berhene, an avowed enemy of justice for Kumawu and her family, who colluded with the enemies but as a stooge to be used to sabotage her own family and justice for Kumawuman is no more. She forgot that life is short so it is better to pursue good name rather than riches and acts of sabotage and criminalities.

For the little fame she sought but viewed by those she was supporting as a low-minded person by her acts of sabotage as recounted in my previous publications, she was determined to go the extra mile to assist the purported Asante overlord to somersault the traditions and customs of Kumawu, depriving Kumawu of her rightful position, wealth and respect within Asanteman.

Now as I speak, she has gone to the land of no return and never to be seen again. However, she has caused indelible damage to Kumawuman by supporting the Asante overlord to turn the tradition of Kumawu upside down.

Another Kumawu linguist who was very active in his support for the enemies of Kumawuman is also nowhere to be seen. He has taken to the inevitable journey God has prepared for every living human being.

If human life is that short, why don’t you seek to do good and fight for the truth at all times but choose to do evil only to die a few years later, leaving a bad name behind with people accusatorily remembering you for your evil deeds?

“A family tie is like a tree, it can bend but it cannot break” However, Madam Berhene became instrumental in her collusion with external forces to break her family ties.

I am not afraid to take on the powerful establishment that is openly mistreating the people of Kumawu in the believe that “Whoever stands in need of honey should not be afraid of bees”

As one was directed by his father to remain a bachelor until his dying day, so shall I fight for the good cause of Kumawuman until my dying day.

bachelor boy


I don’t gloat over the death of even my enemy but I assure all those involved in the daylight raping and robbing of Kumawuman that death is lurking around to whisk them away to underworld to answer to the ancestors for their misdeeds before proceeding to answer to God for their evilness.

Long live those fighting for justice for Kumawuman.

Long live Kumawuman

Rockson Adofo