WAEC Must Be Innovative In Conducting Examinations

WAEC Must Be Innovative In Conducting Examinations

The West African Examinations Council has been beset with issues of exams’ leakages for years, and this does not appear to be receding.

It has become a taboo, putting it mildly, for WAEC to conduct examinations without some of the questions getting out there for students to feast on.

This year’s examinations have suffered similar examination malpractices as there have been reports of leakages of some papers which are reported to have been cancelled.

One cannot say with emphasis that nothing has been done by WAEC to have these leakages curtailed over the years. What is obvious is that measures introduced by WAEC over the years have failed to end these malpractices.

The simple truth is that, while WAEC strives to prevent these nefarious acts, leakers continue to break through whatever firewall used by the examinations body and outwit the system.

WAEC must not throw its hands up in despair. It must continue to find innovative ways to keep these criminals at bay. Several steps can be taken to beef up their internal security.

Perhaps, WAEC should consider setting sets of different questions for different students across the country. The questions should be standardized. Students in the same examination hall could be writing different sets of questions.

Such a system may help reduce these malpractices as students may not rely so much on these leaked questions since they could be swerved at the end of the day.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.