We don’t go to the Presbyterian Church with empty talk – be warned NPP

The popular saying, “Ye nfa anoto hunu na eko Presby asore”, to wit, “we don’t go to the Presbyterian church with empty talk, thus, “mere rhetoric”. This saying could possibly be the portion of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to manifest negatively against them in their aspirations to break the economy-cum-nation-building retardant alternating 8-year cycle between them (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

You must go to the Presbyterian church fully equipped with action and whatever it takes to be a recognised member of the church. You must be ready to fully actively participate in almost all church activities; paying your church dues, offertories, tithes, attending church services and visiting church members, and many others, as and when they are required.

It takes one to be a person of positive action to be acknowledged for membership of the Presbyterian church, if I am not mistaken, going by the saying above.

Now, the NPP as an acclaimed visionary political party, abounding in intellectuals, must take a cue from the above saying in regard to their espoused belief of breaking that accustomed but corruption-induced 8-year power-alternating cycle of which they (NPP) and NDC are hooked onto. For it does not take a mere slogan but positive action, to break that horrendous cycle that has always had the potential to influence Ghanaian politicians in Ghana to be corrupt and to commit malfeasances with impunity.

The 8-year power-sharing cycle that has come to exist between the NPP and NDC since 1992 is believed to have empowered some politicians and political parties to involve themselves in corrupt practices, same believing to be able to escape punishment when caught. This is because of its concomitant principle of “you scratch my back, I scratch your back”.

For this scratching of one another’s back, why should one political party worry itself too much investigating the members of the other party for malfeasances knowing they will be out of power at the end of their 8 years, only to have themselves also investigated by the incoming party? To avoid any “tit for tat” punishment, they had rather better not fully investigate their colleagues from the other political divide for corruption hence the ramification of official corruption in Ghana.

As I do not support the obvious stinking corruption characterising Ghanaian politics because of the rotational 8-years-in-power 8-years-out-of-power as is ongoing between NPP and NDC, I only pray that the alternating cycle will be broken to strengthen the hand of any serious political party in government to investigate, prosecute and convict corrupt politicians in and outside government.

Subsequently, I expect the NPP to break that shameful and baneful cycle in year 2024. However, it cannot be broken should the NPP continue to act politically incorrect, as obstinate, pompous and with the tendency to often disrespect the choice and wishes of their ordinary members, supporters and foot soldiers, as they do always.

They can foolishly relish in the sloganized “we shall break the 8-year cycle in 2024” and hope it will happen by merely believing in that slogan. It takes a lot of work for it to happen, if it will happen at all. As it does not take empty talk to become a member of the Presbyterian church but serious works, so shall the NPP not be able to break the horrendous alternating 8-year cycle by empty talk but positive action.

Do NPP see it as a positive action to break the 8-year alternating cycle by imposing candidates of the choice of their few people in the top echelon, on the constituents, clearly in contrast to the choice of the very people, thus constituents, who wield or exercise the voting power?

Do the NPP learn from their past mistakes? I don’t think so. If they did, they would not have ostracized one Mr Andrew Asiamah Amoako from contesting for the NPP parliamentary primaries for the Fomena Constituency in the Ashanti region. This is because, they had made a similar mistake in Bekwai 8 years or so ago, only to force the aspiring candidate to leave the party, go independent and won.

Similarly, Mr Asiamah went independent and won massively only for him to end up in parliament heartily welcomed by the NPP folks as the stone that the builder rejected but ended up becoming the head corner stone. Mr Asiamah now holds the trump card in parliament because of the hung parliament election 2020 has produced, the first of its kind in the annals of Ghana politics.

I am not going into the details of the indispensable relevance of Mr Asiamah to NPP without whom the NPP would have ended up as the minority caucus in parliament.

Going forward in my discussion, the obstinate NPP leaders who underestimate the intelligence and power of the electorate, have done the same nonsense again. When it came to the recent voting to confirm the president’s MMDCE nominees, the NPP leadership decided to resort to all legal and illegal means as possible to have all the president’s nominees approved despite the contrary wish of the constituents through their elected assembly members.

A case in point is Kumawu Sekyere District where armed police personnel were used to prevent some properly elected assembly members from entering the venue where the voting was taking place to cast their vote. They did this because they desired to have the president’s nominee, Samuel Addai Agyekum, elected regardless of the concerns of the majority of the citizens of the Kumawu Sekyere District.

As for every action there is a reaction, the NPP will pay dearly for their stubbornness and disrespect for the ordinary people as concluded from their actions over the years.

It is not by such negative actions, obstinacy and never-learning from past mistakes that the NPP can break that baneful cyclically alternating 8-years in power, 8-years out of power.

By the way, has Eugene Arhin, the Director of Communications for the President of Ghana at Jubilee House, conveyed my petition to the President about the established illegalities that took place during the voting to confirm the President’s DCE nominee, Samuel Addai Agyekum, as DCE for the Kumawu Sekyere District?

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Rockson Adofo