When A Vampire Beats The War Drum…

When A Vampire Beats The War Drum…

Ghanaians are yet to overcome the shockwaves that pummeled them from the irresponsible and sanguinary comments of John Mahama.

His murderous comments have drawn criticisms from all over the country as his desperate attempts to win power through whatever means possible got the better part of him.

Mahama comes across as someone whose life depends on becoming president once again. For a former president to threaten to bring war to Ghana if he doesn’t win the 2024 elections is something sane minds cannot conceptualize and assimilate at the same time.

His attempts to do a damage control of his own evil plot worsened his plight. Polling stations house people, not animals. If it will be a Do or die affair at the polling station, it simply means that people should die there simply because he would be failing to win the elections.

Mahama is simply lawless. He is urging his party people to take the laws into their hands if he is not declared the winner in the 2024 elections.

Which former head of state speaks like this? What at all is Mahama seeking to prove to Ghanaians that he couldn’t do so when we gave him 8 years at the presidency?

He should assign his kids to be polling agents and lead his crusade to cause bloodshed in the country. Such a greedy and selfish person was Ghana’s president! Only vampires hanker for blood, not humans with humanity ingrained inside their souls.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.